For our incoming or returning remote students, this is your resource for all things online learning.


Is Online Learning Right for You?


Parking hassles? Scheduling Problems? Consider taking classes online. 


Online classes require self-discipline, technical skills, and more reading and writing than classes taken on campus. 


Take the "Is Online Learning for Me?" questionnaire to see if it's right for you.


Apply Online

The steps for enrolling and registering for online classes are the same as those for students on campus.

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Find Online Classes at Cuyamaca


Take Classes Online Via Canvas

Most online classes are accessed through the online platform Canvas and are usually available the first day of class; if you don't see it, email your instructor.





Zoom and HyFlex Classes

Zoom and HyFlex classes use Zoom for live online interaction.  Some of these classes require students to complete and/or turn in some assignments online, usually in Canvas.


Zoom classes include required Zoom meetings  -  see the course description in the WebAdvisor schedule for required days and times.


HyFlex classes are taught on campus at scheduled days and times like a traditional class.  Unlike a traditional class, Flex teachers use Zoom to broadcast their live class session.  This means that students can CHOOSE whether to attend class on campus or via Zoom.  Some teachers require in-person attendance for some class sessions, so check with the instructor for attendance requirements.  Some teachers may also record the Zoom class sessions.


California Residence Requirement

Students who are enrolled entirely in online courses at Cuyamaca College must prove that they are physically living in California during that semester.